Get Some Knowledge About BDF.

BDF is Tanzania’s Broadcast Market that provides a platform for professional networking and joint learning, bring together various stakeholders and link people, organizations, businesses, knowledge and technology with a view to create demand and develop a market for the audiovisual industry.

The broadcasting industry is settling into a new era of cautious optimism. With the global economy showing some signs of improvement, demand for consumer entertainment and advertising is also on the upswing supported by online channels. Increased easing of regulatory barriers and advancement of broadband capabilities have opened the gate for new, larger, more aggressive competitors to enter the broadcasting ecosystem. We believe that the success will depend on increasing revenues and controlling costs through balance investment in content, developing innovative approaches to monetizing exist assets, establishing a content-centric operating model that supports flexibility at low cost and optimizing the consumer experience.




Broadcaster and Distributors Forum is a platform that intends to bring together content creators, distributors and broadcasters for the purpose of exposing business opportunities, networking and knowledge sharing.

The forum is hosted by Clouds Plus Productions with different partners every Year.As a nation we believe BDF will expose our country to foreign investors who will add to our overall socio– economic development. This could be achieved by the number of distributors who will be contracted by local content creators and producers to distribute their contents to other parts of the world. Also for those dealers of production equipments who want to be agents of the best equipments companies will get a chance to meet with them and agreed on how to make a business which directly end on adding national revenue by paying tax.


Over 500+ foreign delegates that will participate, the Forum will help on promoting our culture heritage to their counterparts. This will then impact the tourism sector as a whole. For the days which they are going to be here for the forum, we will describe them our national tourism sites like national parks, Zanzibar Island and natural forests where they might use them for different purposes for example acting.


Broadcasters and Distributors Forum intend to be identified as a TANZANIA market established by TANZANIANS that has objective of helping business and promote cultural exchange for the benefit of the nation. Broadcaster and Distributors Forum aim to introduce the market for content creators and producers within and outside the country different channels of distributions and broadcasting of contents. BDF aimed to show wide use of equipments in production and to change the ways of managing brands.


After every Broadcasters and Distributors Forum edition, a nation should celebrate changes in economy in every sector and creative content market in general.